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For someone mutilation - for others eternal immortality

April 05, 2018
Тартак - Ввічність

The band puts their own desires, aspirations, and the reflection of the truth that pierces their body and soul into Як Би Хотілося, revealing their vision of unconscious phenomena Тартак - Ввічність creating an illusory framework that makes up invisible fetters for reality.
Unrestrained fun and rebellion spill out a wave of energetic youth drive, first indicating that Зміст will not put in the rotation of the radio station - the meaning is dangerous. Шановні Бандити continues the meaning, changing the style, but keeping the meaning - restrictions and prohibitions trample on freedom. The final chorus is preceded by meditative reflections in a romantic musical atmosphere.
Artistic funk intertwines with a restrained core in the enchanting composition Десь Там pointing - well, where we do not exist. Somewhere out there, somewhere it's unclear where.
But Перший Крок offers a way to find this coveted place - it all depends on you, take the first step to your goal, do not stand still!
Starting with an encouraging atmosphere, recalling the events in Ukraine a few years ago, Люта Зима turns to an encouraging component, in verses the vocal recitative is wary of foreboding of the impending disaster, honoring valor in the choruses. Голос Крові more severely exposes the perpetrators of the surrounding devastation and wasteland.
Romantic ballad Почуй Мене somewhat removes sadness and sadness, pointing out - that in any situation you can find positive moments.
Folklore motifs are intertwined with a variety of musical ideas attracting listeners of all generations to appreciate and honor Косар with their attention. Undoubtedly worth to listen it!
Vocals story comes to the fore, as if approaching the description of the situation from different points of view and perceptual positions in the Дрг І Врг song.
Again using folklore motifs with shades of reggae Кілька Хороших Хлопців describes those who should be entrusted with health and life.
Traditional rock song Усе Що E brings an atmosphere of 70x, never aging - on the contrary breathing life into forgotten ideals and cleansing dust from forgotten dreams.
The album already tells - that the first step should be done only by himself. This story goes to a new level, pointing to those who will stand up to the last - Висота / Ніхто Крім Нас, they are the last men standing! Мене Вже Немаe continues the style of the previous composition (in my opinion - the best segment of the album). In this composition a more romantic atmosphere and after the first step, the experienced trials and battles - readiness for the last step and the final journey.
Well, after honoring heroism and self-sacrifice, Жити concludes the album with inspiration and admiration for the fact that it is necessary to adequately assess the available opportunities.