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For reign of fear designated just darkness

July 23, 2017
Wrath Of Typhon - Kingdom of Fear

In so confident drive, powerfully and clearly imposing its sound on the average pace Battle of Existence begins the Wrath Of Typhon - Kingdom of Fear album firmly and confidently.
Continues with Sworn to Die, vigorously accelerating musical pace. But with the introduction of the vocals, the tempo returns to the same structure, giving way to pulsating impulses in the bridges. Some changes bring a solo bass guitar, which creates the basis for further choral furious chorus and the further hardening of the vocals and creation of musical dark abyss.
Music is hanging in deadly dances, the E Obsolete vocals follows to these deadly vortexes, hardening their sound and pitch. After the rigidity of the previous composition, the vocals in Fate change the style, raising the timbre higher and higher, imbueing him with emotional bursts of hard feelings. In a dark, like a shrouded night of a cemetery night, the atmosphere of vocal creates a mood of merry undead that is ready to exist and trample the earth, Livermore - forever abd ever.
We listen to the announcer, there is something talking from the news on the radio. Further Son of Sam envelops us with deep meditations of tough, dense vocals - harsh close to growling. The rhythmic structure is close to a ballad - a sort of gloomy and self-critical it goes for the band from USA.
Vigorous couplets in which music and vocals lead endless disputes with the surrounding reality Extinction of Possibilities in choruses changes to doomed reflections on the scarcity of available opportunities.
The solo bass of the guitar begins, supplemented by guitar riffs after the drums are beaten. Then Homage's vocals reveal everything that they hid and hide from the inhabitants of these places - that's why it sounds so harsh and strained. In the breeches the guitars open the main motive, calling all its attention to its shades. After the instrumental part, the tempo and rhythm of the composition are sharply accelerated, as if in a hurry to have time to indicate all the shortcomings and allow them to be corrected in the shortest possible time.
The title track Kingdom of Fear does not complicate the sound, on the contrary, in a clear and confident average tempo is the narrative. The chimes of the bells appeal to the instrumental part, after which a short vocal fragment precedes the subsequent instrumental segment, followed by a revival of sound, an energetic explosion of fast and vivid instrumental and vocal revelations.
Lazarus Pit again hardens the vocals, music seems to be severely waltzing in a kind of dance of evil demons, fearless gladiators and unbreakable Samaritans. The instrumental part accelerates the sound, raising to the sky a dreamy guitar solo. But the hard and sharp vocal cries in the chorus return instrumental impulses to the struggle with the mundane evil.
Destruction Comes concludes the album, in the introduction it seems that just about and the music abruptly breaks into an impetuous impetuous impulse. But no - the vocals change the style in some way, raising in their severe and sharp sound a storm of emotions. In the instrumental part, music brings such vibrant and memorable melodies, that any negative impressions crumble to dust.