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For nine years these lands did not know anything else

June 10, 2018
Cruachan - Nine Years Of Blood

Melodic instrumental intro I Am Tuan begins grand narrative of ancient legends that have embodied in this luminaries of the Irish musical traditions Cruachan - Nine Years Of Blood album.
The distant chime of the bell is broken by a stern Hugh O'neil - The Earl Of Tyrone legend, guided by a canopy of harsh musical motifs, then carried away in a swift stream of violent drive. Then these passages replace one another, retreating before the tender melody of the flute in the instrumental part.
In the Blood And Victory introduction, thoughtful musical passages develop the main motive, combining the influences of folklore motifs and spicy trends of endless wanderings. After a fascinating adventure in the middle, the composition is combined in a dispute of thoughtful reflection, then returning to the basics.
The enchanting motifs of a brooding melody envelop the dreamy phrases with a mysterious symphony, then developing this melody into a majestic Queen Of War main motif marching through the gloomy obscure fogs.
The sound of the battle ends with an orchestral symphony with the background of guardians' chants, which precedes fabulous soft and significant clean vocals reflections on ancient legends dedicated to the The Battle Of The Yellow Ford legend.
Melodic passage anticipates a fierce drive and severe vocal screaming, entwined with fiddles tunes. But in the Cath Na Brioscai instrumental part, rage and frenzy recede before a concentrated symphonism that comprehensively fascinates and melts any rejection, bewitching violin melodies, supplementing them with a pensive background of cellos and a pulsating heartbeat rhythmic background.
The Harp, The Lion, The Dragon And The Sword song's title is marked by the first phrase, then combining symphonic orchestral decisions, powerful rhythmic bridges and violent vocal phrases, again and again returning to the title in the choruses.
The ringing of mugs, friendly tales, greetings and conversations An Ale Before Battle in the tavern precede the title track Nine Years Of Blood minstrel suite. In The Siege Of Kinsale epic legend, majestic musical ideas are woven into a progressive canvas, weaving notes of folkloric influences into such a mesmerizing melody, very artistically and uniquely intertwining musical ideas in instrumental bridges that elevate musical progressivity to an incredible level. In the instrumental part folklore motifs come to the forefront of the musical image, anticipating the completion of the composition with so valorous march.
Folklore motifs float up in the musical potion, preserving the symphonic sound, enveloping the vocal and musical additions with the indestructible axis of the main motif, which is very memorable with a melodic solution. But keeping this direction The Flight Of The Earls supplements the sound with a furious drive and artistic notes.
So powerful and meaningful Back Home In Derry march rolls through a severe and significant symphonism, preceded by vocal phrases ending with the album, intertwined with musical passages in a unique artistry.