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For all kingdoms there is a place in the abyss

February 05, 2019
Psycroptic - As The Kingdom Drowns

A progressive whirlwind of musical revelations leaps up, starting the Psycroptic - As The Kingdom Drowns album with a fierce introduction full of angry drive. But then, from time to time, the impetuous We Were The Keepers whirlwind is transformed by the veils of melodic trends.
The main motive is manifested in the introduction, but again and again opens its sound in the instrumental bridges, intertwining with vocal experiences in the verses, emphasizing the Frozen Grace title in the choruses.
Pulsing with the passages of the solemn Directive anthem, slowly and meaningfully, pacing in the procession of its sound, majestically enveloping the interlacing of screaming and growling with charming musical passages.
Deadlands complements the album with the wave of swiftness, but the vocals, transforming from growling to harsh, completes the streams of abrupt drive of the couplets with significant reflections of the choruses.
The title composition As The Kingdom Drowns begins with majestic reflections, as if the sovereign gives instructions and orders to his subordinates, ministers and guards. But then, from time to time, nervousness and anxiety complement the composition with sharpness and furious drive.
Showing nervousness and experiences are embodied in the Beyond The Black restless sound, overlapping harsh screaming and growling create an atmosphere of anxiety and anxiety, from time to time turning into magnificent tales. Epic trends and fabulous motifs are embodied in the enchanting symphony of the Upon These Stones composition, occasionally manifesting vocal phrases in the majestic lace of instrumental parts. Momentum Of The Void as if continues the previous composition, stretching the main motive in the intro, but then transforms its rhythm and structure, retaining the epic style, giving vocals a more significant role.
The album concludes with an equally epic You Belong Here, Below narration, announcing the final part of the fairy-tale narration with vocal phrases.