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Following the path of interest in bard tales

September 18, 2023
Goaten - The Following

Intriguing mystery and vague forebodings begins the Goaten - The Following album with the title track, which then enchants with an acoustic guitar solo, creating a romantic atmosphere and the intro of the Mistress of Illusion song, rising in a whirlwind of sparkling wood, complemented by sparkling notes of melodic charm and wrapping around emotional vocals revelations. The melodic palette of this artistic musical creation is successfully and impressively complemented by the guitar solo of the instrumental final part.
The guitar solo of the introduction soars as the basis for the musical canvas of the main motive, along which the steps of the vocal story confidently and assertively walk, which is sometimes crowned with sparkles of symphonic background keyboard notes, weaving with joint threads the bright lace of the Hunting the Damned epic saga.
And again, the guitar solo of the instrumental part decorates the sound of the composition with melodic charm and takes you on a journey through the dreamy expanses of forgotten fairy tales, anticipating the Soul Decay song's final chorus of this musical fragment, which brings such bright shades to the album. The drum roll acts as the introduction of the Nature of the Century final composition of the album and calls for emotional vocal revelations and rhythmic post-tube with echoes of a battle march, accelerated together with vocals phrases in rapid flight.