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First, second, third...up to how much have to count?

August 14, 2017
The Watch - Seven

The album The Watch - Seven carries away from the usual everyday spaces into the unknown realms, creating images that are not imaginable before. In the Blackest Deeds, thoughtful, sad deliberated ballad various experiences on the scales of scales, evaluating them, leaving much more new questions, riddles and puzzles - than solving the already existing ones.
From the distant cosmic expanse, the rays of thoughtful, sophisticated Disappearing Act bring from the future hidden knowledge, restrainedly and quietly deepening and widening the horizons of knowledge in a thoughtful, slow and calm balade, the atmosphere that captivates the imagination into endless exploration.
The spirit of wandering in all new and new spaces envelops in the sound of Masks, revealing more and more new images. Not a single repetition - in the same river you will not enter, the old mask will not remain unchanged forever and ever.
Meditations keep thoughts unbroken, then Copycat rushes into complex, diverse vortex of musical ideas, but the thoughtfulness returns.
The soft, dreamy ballad It's Only a Dream carries away into the expanses of dreams, creating more and more desires, striving for perfection to unimaginable limits.
Tightrope pushes the intensity of the sound, creating an atmosphere of vigilant anxiety. Keyboards passages with guitar riffs juggles with ideas, flipping them from side to side and compising them unite from all sides, variations of vocal turns only supplement this extravaganza with more and more shades of musical images.
It was not without the participation of legendary musicians - The Hermit (feat. Steve Hackett) recalls so unforgettable classic that never rusts and crumbles - only sparkles with new sparks, inspiring new achievements. In such loneliness, the hermit does not lose contact with past experience and the available skills - only gets rid of the bored and discouraging external influences that distort his own freedom of action.
After the Blast completes the atmosphere of the wise, calm and inspirational album softly, discreetly at first, then pumping in and supplementing musical motifs with ever more vivid and persistent improvisations, to a solemn triumph leaving unforgettable impressions of successful experiments.