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Fire weaves its symphonies from sparkling laces

September 19, 2019
Empathica - The Fire Symphony

The majestic symphony Invocation fascinates and captivates, completing the lace of the majestic instrumental passages with majestic chorales. Fallen Master Pleasure continues the Empathica - The Fire Symphony album, starting with a keyboard solo, then bringing the enchanting female vocals in opera style to the forefront, alternating it with the dreamy tunes of male vocals and combining them in a duet in the chorus.
The bell ringing begins the introduction of the Prophecy song, then being transformed by waves of forebodings and anxiety, enveloping vocal phrases. Religio escalates the gloom of the musical narrative, rolling in waves of restrained drive, retreating from the resisting chants of female vocals. What We Have to Die For completes doubts and worries, enveloping the saddened vocal romanticism in the mysterious gloom of a mystical atmosphere. Dispelling the condensing twilight, Sillus Messor Animarum male and female vocals elevate the chalice of courage, in every possible way demonstrating their readiness for exploits and adventures.
But the sound of drive returns to music, giving the sound of the Death Came Twice composition an ominous severity. Then Graceless Times alternates inspirational vocal reflections with swift instrumental solos in the bridges. The title track The Fire Symphony begins with a symphonic saga and inspired chorales and completes the album, embodying the diversity of its musical variations - as if enclosing all the features and features of a musical creation in a single final fragment.