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July 10, 2016
Orbit Culture - Rasen

Among the candles and evening prayers Orbit Culture - Rasen .
Quietly, firmly, powerfully - but then Svartport! Fast, running, soon - can not wait! Then distributor broadcasts the words and on the runway waiting customize - you have to hurry up as well! MANAGED! Well, rejoice, rest ... and run!
Easy to follow the previous one, but Sun Of All for all of us! Powerful and vicious verse gives way to a lyrical and melodic acoustic guitar part that continues the dreamy riff supplementedby evil, but not overly, growling vocals.
Memorable, like came from the long-standing memories riff opens the intro of the Obsession. This riff permeates the entire track as a blade, only increasing its strength and firmness.
Boom! Whack! Hit! Clap! Bah! Boom! Whack! Title track starts, all have to be Rasen! Rhythmic march not stand delays, go! Clap! Boom! Whack!
The call of nature glorified by the guitar riff in intro of the The Haste To The Pyre, the nature changes its pace without consulting to the listener, it has its own laws - accelerating the pace, then slow down the story of its tale. There's no difference to it's tale!
Wings Of Dragons toss epic tale, not looking after their strokes, outline surrounding lands!
Marvelous, mysterious, intriguing beginning permeates by ghostly blade of the leitmotif the whole body of the I, The Wolf. Nervous vocals stretches its whoops even further, crossing and combining growls and harsh on its way.
Melody subordinates mind and body, breaking the way and its course by The Umbilical Cord, pace changes, the outline contract and lengthen - there's nothing permanent. Great composition as well!
Dawn Of Light you have to know that well - light is refracted, fighting in different ways by different surfaces, distorting its rays in the absence of a single surface. So - there's a lot of ways to percept that song, listen to it - there's your own one!
In War - battle cries, military hymns by the fire squad is going to battle! And the story ends!