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Fill my cup! To the dregs!

July 13, 2016
Time Of Tales - Tales Of Time

Fill my mug, there's no time to choose - Time Of Tales - Tales Of Time - no time to loose.
Thrashed notes of mountain highland motifs break down to us, you can deny them - but have to Don't Forget to all of them. You have to - prove in a duel that deny, or have to die!
Battle cries, martial motifs forces us to yell Hail! That makes us to believe in urge of the further hikes, we have to kill all! Tear to pieces, tear to shreds!
Raise Your Cup to the sky - they still empty ?! Bagpiper played his tunes in vain? Piper is now going to kick your ass, sympathetic help him in that case as well! Cups in the sky - drink to the dregs!
Deep In The Woods sacrament is obvious, but not easy to understand that, because it quickly starts the narrative, but that doesn't stop the mystery of thy story, just harder continue that one!
Plains Of A Hero, tales don't tolerate fuss - heroes remembered eternaly, can you be like them? This epic ballad force to recall the old legends and think - can you become something like that ones?
After comparisons with the past legends, and the perception of future expectations, there's a question - is the Inner Light inside you?
Thoughts that have done and what remains to be - forever, but something once force to tell Ostatnie Slowa. This is not the end, not the end - right now!
Bagpipe and flute dancing around the Feast but heard a sharp gasp - a vocal limits their freedom. But nothing of the sort was, they escaped again. And so - again and again!
Tied with a rope, chained to the wall - do not count! I Will Dance On Your Grave Tonight! Fun, fast, aggressive, and without the slightest manifestations of fatigue! Sometimes showing a pensive whirling around of the traces on your grave!
How much all of us would live - someone eternity, someone a little. But guess what to predict - the melody flies definitely answer these questions Time Will Never Tell. It's confident in one thing - time for me to said farewell!