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Figures add to the depths of consciousness

February 21, 2020
Athlantis - 02 02 2020

A vague whisper and a distorted of the Message To All creates a mysterious atmosphere for the Athlantis - 02 02 2020 album's start, but then, after the Life In Your Hand inspired guitar solo, the blade of a swift drive, combining vocals and guitar passages breaks the twilight atmosphere and flies in a rampant assault.
The Light Of Love vocals part filled with kinks and emotions comes to the forefront of the musical image, guitars and keyboards passages creates an encouraging background. Keyboard motifs intertwines with guitar riffs in intriguing mysticism, combining with mysterious vocal tunes, uniting in the mystical artistry of Dancing Shadows song.
Vocal phrases intertwine with the Fire And Ice musical passages, shrouded in the charm of keyboard motifs, sparkling with the covers of a fabulous mystery. Full of intriguing mystery, the musical narrative is interwoven with vocal phrases full of obscure interrogation, creating the The Fly Of The Eagle track's mysterious atmosphere. The band rolls with musical waves of twilight obscurity, crowning the ...Anche Questo E Rock'n'roll musical and vocal fragments with sparkling clouds of keyboard inspiration.
Continuing the dominance of the keyboard part in musical image, the Words Are Weapons then introduces the grandeur of the solemn anthem, sometimes flying away in echoes of a swift drive, but keeping the melodic atmosphere of sound. But the significant and bewitching symphony raises the banners of the Someday Love Will Come My Way magnificent ballad, complementing the album with charm and romanticism. But the 02022020 title track concludes the album with an impressive unity of drive and melody, marching on the verge of a mid-tempo narration and the swiftness of unbridled musical zeal, complementing inspired vocal reflections with bright keyboard symphonies.