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Fighting with fear raises the spirit

February 12, 2020
Battering Ram - Battering Ram

Whirlwinds of guitar riffs entwine the vocal part, interwoven into the sound of Taking My Time song. The Sign continues the Battering Ram - Battering Ram album with persistent fighting calls, the vocals roll out the canvas of fighting militancy. The significant solemnity of the guitar solo Stronger Forever maintains combat readiness, escalating the stubborn obstinacy of readiness for battle.
Bouncing in a dancing manner, I Will Come Alone vocals phrases creates an intriguing atmosphere, jumping in anticipation of future changes. In the chorus, these expectations flare up with a bright melodic decision. Vivid expectations march in the Chase the Fire pulsating mid-tempo march, pursuing sparkling expectations and burning forebodings.
Starting with the sound of the Scared for My Life title, then the guitar riffs surround the vocal experiences with perturbed vortices that revolt against frightening forebodings. Keeping the atmosphere of doubt in the vocal part, brought to the forefront of the musical image Coming My Way nevertheless affirms readiness for any trials.
Vocals phrases braided by confident and dense guitar riffs march in a stubborn medium-tempo narrative that brings melodic charm to the Wanted Man bridges and choruses. Cut in Two completes the album with a furious whirlwind of drive, unbridledly wailing the desire for freedom and hardening the guitar riffs of the main motive.