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Fighting together, united we stand

August 03, 2019
Ron Keel Band - Fight Like a Band

A soft acoustic guitar solo begins the Road Ready song with a romantic intro, but then a rock'n'roll riot transforms the music into a mid-tempo annoying action thriller. The title track continues the Ron Keel Band - Fight Like a Band album with an inspired music festival, enveloping vocals phrases with sparkling musical vortices and emphasizing the name in the refrain.
The mesmerizing sound marches through the course of a leisurely march, thoughtfully reflecting in the verses, emphasizing the Rock N' Roll Guitar title in the chorus and uprising the spirit of melodious triumph. Keeping inspiration and optimistic mood Long Way Down gives the music some trends of the south winds and country style. Hearts Gone Wild whirls a whirlwind of adventure and rolls a whirlwind of wanderings and impressions.
Charmingly and inspirationally, the Good Songs Bad Times ballad complements the album with romantic charm and trends of memories of native places. Continuing the romantic theme the Girls Like Me complements the stylistic framework of the album with bewitching and impressive shades of blues. Fire in the Rain continues the blues style, but gives the sound a more majestic romanticism, enveloping vocal reflections with the motives of the majestic anthem.
Again returns to the expanses of the prairies, the Just a Cowboy song emphasizes and again and again recalls its name in the refrain. Waves of the south winds brings Old School music with their sultry whirlwinds onto the path of stubborn procession along the path of wanderings and adventures. A bewitching symphony envelops vocals reflections with the cover of the Tears of Fire enchanting ballad, perhaps the album’s most successful song. Returning to the rebellious mood of the rock'n'roll spirit, The Right to Rock escalates certain trends of the desire for transformation and hardens the vocal part. But Hey Man completes the album with a ballad shrouded in spicy eddies from the deified wasteland and the waterless prairie.