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Fiery floating rage

January 24, 2022
Cult Of Luna - The Raging River (EP)

The dusky musical mysteriousness of the Three Bridges composition wraps the leitmotif and anxious vocal proclamations in an atmosphere of mystery and a haze of ghostly echoes of ancient tales, giving epic charm to the introduction of the Cult Of Luna - The Raging River (EP) release, enchanting with intriguing mystery. The instrumental part enchants with melodic charm, foreshadowing the musical motifs of the final part of the song.
Developing the musical style of this album, the What I Leave Behind track rolls out the musical canvas of the twilight dark anthem, after the introduction bringing the vocal part to the forefront of the musical image, returning to the melody of the introduction in the instrumental bridges.
The romantic sound of the Inside of a Dream ballad combines the softness of the musical charm with the wistful dreaminess of the laid-back vocals, whose narration is enveloped by the symphonic atmosphere of the keyboard passages, complemented by the soft and gentle melody of the guitar solos.
Developing the musical motifs of the previous composition, the I Remember song combines the novelistic atmosphere with a hazy brooding and vague echoes of musical mystery, alternating with newly exasperated vocal fragments. The Wave After Wave epic saga completes this album with the embodiment of all its musical features, acting as a long and varied musical fragment of this release, emphasizing its significance by its longest and most significant musical gem and significant compositional solutions.