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Fiends of evil and darkness are mysterious

September 06, 2020
Rising Sunset - De Mysterium Tenebris

Symphonic grandeur of the Storm Over The Citadel song, complemented by mysterious whispers in the background, begins the Rising Sunset - De Mysterium Tenebris album with a mesmerizing symphony, slowly preparing for the introduction of harsh vocal growling, complemented by phrases of emotional screaming. The music intensifies the bewitching twilight of the Gluttons Of The Pre-Diluvian dark anthem, sometimes calling with the vocal narration to accelerate and tempo, sometimes bringing vocal screaming to the fore of the musical image and alternating it with growling. The Serpent Of Eden continues the alternation of screaming and growling in vocals, combining the rebellious drive of the verses with the majestic music of the instrumental bridges.
The voiceless chants of the singing lady in the introduction end with The Book Of Enoch brooding saga.The Rise Of The Behemot's Agony builds a musical composition based on the combination and sound of the vocal part. The musical symphony of instrumental fragments enchants with sublime sophistication, anticipating the sound of the chorus. Slowly and thoughtfully developing the main motive The Harlot Riding The Beast then crowns its sound with a vocal part, covering the vocal phrases with a keyboard symphony.
The title composition De Mysterium Tenebris begins with a romantic ballad, then alternates and combines it with explosions of drive, captivating them with vocal phrases. The rhythmic pulsations of a progressively broken musical march alternate between screaming and growling on the foreground of the Abode Of The Living Dead musical image. The Fate Of The Tribulation closes the album with covers of epic splendor and echoes of forgotten tales.