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Fascination of dreams about you

March 18, 2022
Birthday Massacre - Fascination

The title track begins the musical narrative of the The Birthday Massacre - Fascination album with a pensive procession of unhurried vocal romanticism, wrapped in enchanting musical passages and topped with majestic melodic covers. The music comes alive with a musical sound of understated drive, enchanting with the thrilling sound of the Dreams of You song's leitmotif in unity with the vocal charisma, woven together in a unity of sparkling musical swirls. The Cold Lights composition envelops with mystery of musical development of introduction, then completing the sounding with rhythmic pulsation of musical procession enveloped by melodic musical veils.
The epic majesty of the sound of the Stars and Satellites musical tale takes you on a journey through time and space, enveloping the vocals narrative with musical charm. The One More Time composition builds its essence on the dialogue of the female and male vocals, first asking questions, then answering them again and again by repeating the title. The Like Fear, Like Love musical story combines musical anxiety with vocal emotionality in a single musical stream.
The Once Again song confidently, meaningfully, and undeniably brings the vocal part to the forefront of the musical image, giving the vocal phrases an air of perfection and confidence. The Precious Hearts track captivates with the power of musical storytelling and the charm of vocal reverie, foreshadowing the album's conclusion with the mesmerizing mystery of The End of All Stories song, enchanting with the echoes of holidays and the melodic sound of musical effervescence.