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Falling into the sweet abyss

May 02, 2022
Dream Widow - Dream Widow

An energetic and unrestrained Encino intro ends with a variable mystery of the vocal part, creating a diverse musical picture of the Dream Widow - Dream Widow album. The Cold song's vocals come to the fore, punctuating their hauntings with gritty and meaningful guitar riffs, then blending the music and vocals together in a musical mystique.
The fast-paced musical chase intertwines in a single musical race with vocal haste, then complicating the March of the Insane musical composition with notes of progressive mystery, which fully develops in the musical artistry of the mesmerizing sound of The Sweet Abyss song.
Vocal reflections elevate their phrases to the top of the mesmerizing sound of the Angel With Severed Wings musical fairy tale, alternating vocal reflections with sparkling guitar solos. The Come All Ye Unfaithful composition rolls with waves of musical perseverance, combining them with the artistic variability of musical passages and the progressive complication of the compositional structure.
The music envelops vocal reflections with obscure mystery and variations of the artistic search for clues to this complex and bewitching Becoming riddle, further exacerbating the variability of guesses and solutions with the lengthy Lacrimus dei Ebrius instrumental composition that completes the musical narrative of the album.