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Faith will have to be earned again and again

July 04, 2020
Eciton - Suspension of Disbelief

Driving the rhythmic foundation for a musical flight of rampant drive the Demagogue sums up the musical fragments with thoughtful phrases and mysterious music. The guitar solo of the instrumental part introduces shades of progressive thoughtfulness, ending with leisurely reflections of vocals significance. A round of guitar solo in the introduction of Belief song, continues the Eciton - Suspension of Disbelief album with an uncontrolled thriller of musical rabies, starting the vocal part with furious screaming, sometimes supplementing it with severe growling.
In the Written Awareness battle march, waves of musical rhythm encircle vocal phrases, combining screaming and growling in the vocal part, continuing this unity in the sound of the next composition Suicide Protest, unexpectedly and artistically varying rhythm, tempo and musical decisions. The Twisted Politics returns to the mid-tempo march, complementing the greatness of the solemn hymn with vocal significance.
Wrapping vocal intolerance with viscous mysterious guitar riffs the Social Pacifier combines musical viscosity and swiftness in a single composition. The Penetrated Sorrow as if it continues the sound of the previous song, but progressively and artistically distorts the musical procession of the mid-tempo march, then introducing a rush of rapid drive.
Weaving the intriguing lace of twilight mystery Thoughts then explodes by storming a dark musical thriller, combining screaming and growling in a vocal part. The Estimated Effort complements the swiftness of musical fury, introducing some trends of the emotional fury of thrash metal. Introducing a considerable portion of progressive artistry into musical passages, the Toxic Luxury ends the album with a very diverse musical sound, complementing growling and screaming in the vocal part with muffled phrases of clean vocals.