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Faith points just a righteous way

April 17, 2021
Shadows Of Paragon -  Amendment

An unrestrained guitar solo begins the sound of the Amendment Of The Heart composition, which can be considered the title track for the Shadows Of Paragon - Amendment album. Music sometimes slows down the whirlwind of unrestrained drive by uplifting vocal phrases with echoes of a solemn anthem. The Shadow immediately sweeps away the barriers to musical rampage, combining music and vocals in the furious dance of a musical thriller. But sometimes melodic guitar passages ennoble the sound with epic echoes.
The guitar solo of the intro sets the direction of the development of the Your New Identity main motive, then wraps around the vocal part in spiral vortices of guitar riffs. The Mindblowing intro's majestic symphony calls out to the echoes of the medieval minstrel ballads, but then waves of furious drive use these motifs for a furious march despite the obstacles in the battle march of the black knights. Harshly and rhythmically hammering the intro with a drumbeat, The Oathkeeper chronicles then hardens the vocals to a harsh mystery, then quickening the pace in the furious fury of dark drive, varying tempo and rhythm.
Concentrating the musical tempo in the concentrated meditation of the majestic anthem, the Behind The Torn Veil song then explodes into a whirlwind of fury, intertwined with harsh vocal significance. The Silence The Cynic track varies the musical tempo - sometimes accelerating in the unrestrained drive of the deadly, sometimes bringing the vocal part to the forefront of the musical image.
The guitar solo of the intro weaves veils of melodic charm, then captivating the sound of the Not By Domination composition following the vocal phrases. The Outnumber The Dark rushes into a rampant race of musical impatience wrapped in sparkling ribbons of guitar solos. The piano solo in the album's final song Faith In Being Forever Saved continues in vague vocal whispers and is swept by the unbridled banners of a dark anthem that raises the epic banners of musical greatness.