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Faith and a divine blessing are like drugs

April 27, 2020
Roman Ring - The Halogen

Exploding with a musical stream of furious drive Charles then combines screaming and growling in the vocal part, alternating their dominant role in the musical image. From time to time, the starting track of the Roman Ring - The Halogen album varies the tempo of the musical narration.
Pumping the groove of the musical drive shaft Vatican City then controls the procession of musical passages with severe vocal directions, keeping the screaming tunes as a background complement to the musical image, from time to time putting them in the foreground. The chime of acoustic guitar strings creates an intriguing mystery of the God Narcotic introduction, then obscure background motifs complement the musical image, developing further into the sound of the main motive, preceding the introduction of vocals with a whirlwind of drive, crowned with the melody of a guitar solo.
The acoustic charm of a guitar solo is enveloped in Helix Altar romantic mystery, then weaving a screaming and growling in a duet, exploding with a stream of metal drive. But in Umbra Mortis the bridges the bewitching melody of the previous instrumental symphony.
Guitar solo slowly walks, weaving around the vocals the solemn atmosphere of the Flesh Dispel meaningful march. The White Noise song ends the album with a bewitching ballad, first leading an unhurried walk of a muffled symphony, then compacting the musical canvas and complementing it with a vocal narrative.