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Fairy tales swarm with obscure mystery

July 28, 2020
Fraser Edwards - The Architect

The instrumental symphony of the title track starts the Fraser Edwards - The Architect album with the grandeur of melody, captivating with the inspiration of classical music, but then the Stop Saying We Sound Like Dragonforce accelerates the tempo and develops the inherent motives of symphonic charm to crown them with vocal phrases. The Warzone brings vocal narration to the fore of the musical image, alternating with the pulsating drive of a battle march.
Vocal inspiration brings in romantic foreboding, then lightening the sound and dispelling the feeling of rush, but The Death Zone music combines with vocals in a rebellious assault. Thickening rhythm on the verge of mid-tempo sound the Ruination brings vocals to the fore, diversifying clean vocals with growling. Fast-paced drive wraps around the melody of guitar passages topped with the sparkling charm of the Dio Volendo Lo Faro guitar solo and inspirational vocal narration. The Among the Stars romantic ballad juggles vocal experiences in a brooding symphony.
While retaining the charm of melody, the v will inflate the acceleration of the tempo, wrapping around the vocal axis with sparkling guitar passages. The Sorrow of the Loneliest Dragon keyboard symphony anticipates the mesmerizing sound of the guitar solo, which acts as an introduction to the final composition of the album Crouching Comrades, Hidden Dragonforce, dancing with an intriguing combination of playfulness and melody.