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Fairy tales sometimes transforms so unexpectedly

December 01, 2020
Homicide (BAN) - Minotaur Unleashed

Soaring in a frantic race of impetuous drive, twisting vocal phrases in hurried vortexes of guitar solos the Into The Primordial Abyss begins the musical narration of the Homicide (BAN) - Minotaur Unleashed album. But after the sparkling artistry of the instrumental part, the vocals concentrate on the mid-tempo procession of the majestic anthem, anticipating the development of the musical stylistics of the I Deny You composition, beginning with a mysterious guitar fingering, then rolling in waves of a harsh musical procession in the mid-tempo march. The mesmerizing melody of the Minotaur Unleashed title composition takes you to the vastness of forgotten fairy tales, enchanting with the sound of an epic saga. But then the music and vocals intertwine in the sparkling fury of a melodic musical thriller.
The vocals and rhythmic pulsations of the Whipped, Chained, Burned battle march hard and persistently hammer their sound into the listener's mind, then slightly accelerating the tempo, but maintaining a fighting mood and ending the bars with sparkling guitar passages. Leaning from side to side in intro, the Serpent Sentinel then complements the procession of the main motive with these wagging, crowning the musical procession with harsh phrases of growling vocals. Obstinately and unrestrainedly whipping up the waves of a harsh musical rush the Repatriate then crowns this storm with a vocal part.
The Post Burial Mutilation growling vocals recitative is intertwined in progressive mystery with musical passages escaping from the vocal fetters in instrumental bridges. Seizing unsettling omens to a guitar solo, the God Devourer then rolls out the dark fury of a progressive musical action movie, but then the vocals drive the transformation of the musical essence. The final composition of the album begins with the speech of the Master of Olympus, then artistically weaving the lace of musical passages enchanting with progressive artistry, anticipating the unity of this musical melody with harsh growling and the acceleration of the tempo of the musical narration with variations of rhythm and tempo in further development.