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Fairy tales live forever

May 14, 2023
SuidAkrA - Echoes Of Yore

After the phrases of the sage, the Wartunes (re-recorded 2019) composition begins the SuidAkrA - Echoes Of Yore album's musical story with the unity of an epic atmosphere and a combative musical drive in a single sound, complemented by enchanting acoustic guitar solos, then raising the banners of melodic charm with a bright guitar solo of The Quest (re-recorded 2019) introduction, indicating the further musical path of sound for a vocal story, entwined with sparkling guitar passages and complemented by the acoustic c harm of the melodies of scalds and guitar solos of wandering bards. But then the furious drive of the violent Havoc (re-recorded 2019) musical thriller turns into an atmosphere of militant power and uncontrollable rage.
Then the exciting sound of musical variations takes the vocal story on the wings of a musical dragon - one way or another, for good reason - the Morrigan (re-recorded 2019) song is one of the most popular and impressive this band's musical artworks. The Rise Of Taliesin (re-recorded 2019) acoustic minstrel ballad envelops the atmosphere of medieval legends and tales, retaining the same style, but hardening the musical component and vocal part in the musical image of the Hall Of Tales (re-recorded 2019) twilight musical fairy tale.
The melodies of the wise storyteller set the direction for the subsequent development of the Pendragons Fall (re-recorded 2019) main motif, wrapping around the swift blade of the rhythm of the section and the vocal part with whirlwinds of guitar riffs, continuing with a combination of rhythmic march and a fierce flight of rapid drive in the sound of the Banshee (re-recorded 2019) composition and the epic saga of the Warpipes Call Me (re-recorded 2019) musical fairy tale, pacifying the vocal part to the dreamy story of the scalds, ending with the sound of the Lays From Afar (re-recorded 2019) epic fairy tale, in which the band reworked and remastered their most successful and impressive musical artworks of the past.