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Fairy tales doesn't created by the kings

June 21, 2016
The Drowning - Senescent Signs

Hovering around us keyboard passage wrapp ed by the chorale and mysterious sounds - that's the Dolor Saeculi, intro of the The Drowning - Senescent Signs album!
Vocals immediately puts all on the places, outlining their duties and rights by its growling, because oll of them was Broken Before The Throne. After arranging all overa their official duties, respectively, guitar add lyrics and melody in the verse. But then - chopping blows, clear and pressing rhythm inscribe the story in its scope. And then - this sequence of melodic and dreamy parts, alternating with the evil and clear rhythm, repeats. Complets the track isn't growl, but screaming.
Lyrical, sublime entry bounds keyboards and guitars, without departing from the shores of melodic tranquility. It is necessary to understand and embrace that we was Betrayed By God. Next to the ethereal melodious music scream adds his nervousness, rarely adding notes of growl to its narrations. After angry and nervous parts instrumental middle returns to the transcendental divine sounds, complemented by powerful guitar riffs and supported by keyboards dreamy passages. But, not running away from the melodical music, chorus ends all.
Stringy, exciting start means that we are ready to Never Rest. Vocals ductile and tighten in its traces with history narration, guitar combines accompaniment and support of a leitmotif, which are either the keyboards, or violin. Bridge after the first verse - like piano notes embedded by whisper of somewhat like fairy ...or maybe goblin being. Guitar, leading a leitmotif thread, completes the composition.
Leitmotif like indissoluble thread, without interruptions and breaks leading through all the canwas of At One With The Dead. Only the vocals partiesm where screaming and growling resonate with each other and, distracting shimmering of this thread.
Slowly, lyrically and otherworldly develops a story about House Of The Tragic Poet. After several dreamy and sad chanting of this tragedy, the story of a bit adds pace and aggression up to instrumental part where the guitar solo takes us away from the blazing rays of the sadness and sorrow. Riff, that ends the composition in medium pace, by its power and aggression, as vocals that accompanying to its pace, inspire hope for change to much better ways.
Whirlwind of the riff in intro draws attention to destroy any doubts, we have to be ready to meet the Dawn Of Sorrow. A leisurely narrative, mottled with guitar changes, over which clouds float tunes that compete - some of them to become the leitmotif. This contest reaches the top in the guitar solo, after which winner support vocal's hard story. Toward the end female vocals briefly joins to the growl, chorals accompany it 'till the end.
When Shadow Falls, leisurely narrative lyric, like a fairytale ballad leads the story, in spite of the surrounding issues, concluded among guitar riffs and keyboard passages. Then keyboards come to the fore, but the guitar returns as well. Screamy vocals finish the song with the accompaniment of guitars and keyboards, united in a single burst!
Quiet, peaceful and calm guitar surrounded by fairie's chants and mysterious whisper starts The Lament Of Faustus. After such intro, anger and rage stick out, clad in screams and growls, supporteded by a corresponding instrumental accompaniment. Then these changes several times repeated - whisper and fairy or fury and destructive power. Dreamy, empyreal riff dispels the track and album ... in the waiting of fairy's chant.