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Fairy tales do not age - only develops more and more shades

March 25, 2018
Arkham Witch - Get Thothed, Vol. III

In a leisurely dance Emperor of Dreams circling around the vocal phrases opens the gates of the Arkham Witch - Get Thothed, Vol. III dark rock opera. Guitar passages carry the main load of a musical image, the haze of keyboard parts ennobles the sound.
Densely and viscously entering a leisurely proud march, The Beast and the Black Art song then combines an assault drive with blurred vocal reflections in verses. Music hovers vague vortices around vocal phrases, in instrumental bridges leisurely reflections interrupt the flow of musical drive. In the middle, the guitar solo ascends to the wacky distance, rising from the confident and solid foundations of the leitmotif, then the instrumental accompaniment follows the vocals indicated path.
Playfully and mysteriously enters the Lord of the Midnight Hour musical mystery, then the vocals are intrigued by artistic sounding, twisted in illusory considerations, adding at the end of the verse a change in the melodic structure. Then a distant wind howls in an obscure haze, vocal reflections are centered in unhurried reverie. The final part of the ends is similar to the first verse.
So heavy, viscous musical anthem This Wretched World Forlorn stubbornly and sluggishly covers its sounding vast expanses, persistently moving forward with a slow meditative musical flow. In the middle of a wave of a leitmotif, after an intriguing phrase and a solo guitar base, a wave of drive sweeps, followed by a bright and spectacular guitar solo in a swift race for inspiration.
The persistent and stubborn sound of the Wizard of the Gloves leitmotif rolls in dark waves, steadily unrolling its canvas along the chosen path.
Like medieval motifs crawling out of the shadows, the old man remembers old legends, braiding the foundation of the bass guitar in his own words, the gentle passages of the flute are shared by the sections of this story. Music easily and sensitively accompanies The Marriage of the Ghouls legend. After a short guitar solo, music picks up a wave of impetuous drive, the vocals increase the tonality of their sound - the song dramatically changes the stylistic framework, bright rapid passages, scattering the final of the album in a fast drive.