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Fairy tales are woven into a fascinating lace

April 06, 2020
Embrace The Maddness - The Hellwish Chronicles Chp2, Undawning Phantasm

The incredibly complex and mysterious essence of Pendulous Encroachment musical artistry is preceded by vicious and furious vocal tunes, combining furious screaming and severe growling with mysterious and unpredictable musical variations in the first composition of the Embrace The Maddness - The Hellwish Chronicles Chp2, Undawning Phantasm album. Immediately bringing the severe and emotional variations of the vocal part to the forefront of the Mournweald musical image, these mysterious musical tunes complement these changeable vocal phrases that build up a dialogue of screaming and growling.
Strictly and inexorably escalating doubts and forebodings with the musical waves of the main motive, Absorbing Oxidation crowns these fluctuations in medium-tempo pulsations with crests of vocal phrases. Giving the thoughtfulness of the vocal part even more mystical notes to the epic narrative of musical annihilation, the Occulus Wellspring composition combines mystery with melody in a single musical narrative.
Walking in a solemn procession of the proud march, Quantum Entanglement Sickness envelops the significant phrases of the vocal part with the sparkling covers of the majestic anthem. Doubts and insecurities envelops the Time Remnant Dreamscape vocals doubts with incredibly complex vortexes of musical improvisations, complementing the mysterious reflections of the vocal part with musical artistry.
Bringing vocal rage to the forefront of musical essence Apparitions in Violet Anguish complements vocal anger with the violent pulsations of a musical drive, preferring the powerful pulsations of the marching procession of the swiftness of a rampant flight. Evertranser's Nightmare completes the album with the embodiment of incredible musical artistry, twisted with sparkling musical clouds of progressive charm.