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Fairy tales are carried away to the stars

November 23, 2018
Strange Land - Galactic Drift: Impact Event Part Two

The instrumental Dare (Reprise) symphony begins the album, erecting the magnificent construction of a fascinating anthem, anticipating the development of the epic conceptual Strange Land - Galactic Drift: Impact Event Part Two album's saga.
Smoothly moving from the previous composition Cosmic Ocean complements the album with enchanting phrases of female vocals, the singing lady enchants, shrouded in calm and placating music covers. Progressively and fascinatingly Chasing Horizons brings some notes of drive to the album, weaving them very interestingly with mysterious phrases of female vocal. Artistic musical passages interweaves unique and impressive laces in instrumental bridges, which female vocals complement with weighty and meaningful notes of their phrases.
The gloomy musical accompaniment accompanies the pensive and intricate reflections of male vocals with the echoes of an invisible demon, alternating with the enchanting phrases of female vocals. Then the dreamy haze dissolves these precautions in the artistic musical spirit and the tunes of the charming lady, intertwined with reflections of a thoughtful bard. Then the female vocals intertwine with the exciting whirlwind of musical passages, ascending like a sparkling fairy-tale suite to enthusiastic listeners, presenting such a multivalued and varied musical picture, that you can listen to it many times over and over again making up new impressions. The instrumental solo interrupts the musical extravaganza with sophisticated thoughts, then the gloomy passages return the style of the Somewhere Beyond Here intro.
The album continues with a mysterious instrumental compositions Last Wish, Lone Dream and House Of Stars that envelops you with gloomy dark romance, that begins with the calm keyboards symphonies, which is transformed into progressive guitar improvisations.
Then Cinder complements guitar passages with shades of mysteriousness and muted male vocals phrases, shot up from time to time in an explosion of rebellious emotionality. The vocal phrases are continued by female vocals, bringing notes of hope to the album and foreshadowing the dissipation of twilight and darkness in the inspired Delay-Dauntless compositions.
We Are Here sums up the album with pacified, sublime and majestic ballad, in which the female vocals are shrouded in inspired instrumental influences, introducing marvelous shades of guitar solos in bridges.