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Fairy tales and legends intertwined in dance

August 22, 2021
Wings Of Destiny, 2021 -  Memento Mori

The background noise of the crowd complements the Playing with Fire intro's magnificent symphony, then transforming with the entry of vocals in the hotter the rapid drive, chasing in a frantic drive before the unity of the melody and power. The Wings Of Destiny - Memento Mori album's vocals part unites tenor, harsh and even growling. The Death Wish composition displays the vocal narration to the forefront of the musical image, complementing vocal appeals by musical support. The Holy Grail song after the symphonic keyboards suite continues the main vocal phrases in the musical entity.
Intro enjoying the unity of the rhythmic march with an extension of oriental motives, the Shadowland vocals begins the narrative of the harsh medium-level sound, sometimes transforming into inspirational tunes, sometimes completing fragments by growling vocals. Music and vocals are embarrassed in the Reborn Immortal joint musical fairy tale. The My Freedom song fascinates and fascinates the sound of the main motive supplemented by emotional vocal phrases.
After the arrival of the Of Dwarves and Men saga captures by the artistry and unity of variable musical stylistic shades and vocal diversity in a single musical stream. The Memento Mori title track combines musical and vocal fierce in verses with subsequent musical ascension in the choruses, crowned with symphony musical passages. After the intriguing waiting, the City on Fire sounds as the rhythmic battle march. The vocals announces the sound of the Theater of Tragedy final album composition, then sounding in the atmosphere of theatrical diversity.