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Fairy tales and legends are so variable

April 04, 2019
Entoria - Aschheim

Epic trends of medieval tunes create the brooding haze of the Am Rande Der Welt intro of the Entoria - Aschheim album. A soft chime of guitar strings intertwines with a symphonic orchestral background. After a humming pause, percussion interrupts the pensive lyrics, enveloping the Ich Will Euch Bluten Sehen song with an intriguing whirl of motifs, setting the main motive in the intro. The vocal part is dominated by the dominance of screaming in the verses and accentuating the growling inserts in the bridges and chorus.
The soft acoustic pareson of guitar strings sets the motive of the solemn Tod In Rot anthem, developing with majestic musical passages. In the vocal part, the beginning is set by growling, then the screaming picks it up on the wings of inspiration. These vocals phrases envelop the enchanting veil of epic keyboards passages.
Inspiration and romance enwraps vocal party with inspirations of inspired reverie. The Scherben vocal phrases give harsh drive, music, on the contrary envelops the whirlwinds of inspiration and charm.
Intro draws a gloomy charm into the Albtraum tunnel, then the musical passages create the covers of dark inspiration, attracting attention to vocal phrases and fascinating with them the mystery of dark romanticism.
The dancing fun creates Sandmann gloomy charm with phrases of clean vocals, then screaming and growling direct the flow of demonic drive to the listener, then this competition of sichy and screaming in the vocal part returns.
The guitar solo in the Die Stumme Und Der Einsiedler intro broadens the stylistic framework of the album - it will appeal to fans of old school thrash metal. But then the dancing rhythm of the composition is complemented by folklore musical shades. Particularly contributes to this clean vocals phrases.
The chime of the clock in the intro sets the dreamy trends of epic musical passages, then the vocal part picks up these trends and intertwines with musical motifs in the enchanting sound of the Knochen Und Staub composition.
Starting with a harsh guitar solo, then Die Frage envelops the vocal part with a fascinating twilight in a musical passage, crowning them with dreamy guitar and keyboard covers.
The instrumental composition Aura weaves together the motifs of European romance with some influences of Japanese folklore, rejecting the difference of cultures and styles. Zeitumkehr continues the motive given by the previous composition, giving greater influence to European motives and bringing in the proud knightly saga and the proud trends of medieval military prowess.