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Fairy tales and legends are ageless

March 20, 2019
Echoes Of Eternity - Ageless

Sternly and significant Smoke and Mirrors intro envelops vocal entry wuth symphonic atmosphere. Female vocals bring sensuality and inspiration to the sound of the Echoes Of Eternity - Ageless album. The title track Ageless continues the musical trend with a pulsating march by a rolling rhythmic procession to a thoughtful chorus, enveloping with so incredibly melodic atmosphere.
A fascinating melody begins to manifest itself in The Magician introduction, gradually building up the ornate symphony of the main motive, embodying it fully in the epic dreams of the chorus.The instrumental part weaves a fairy-tale epic with waves of viscous drive and ends with echoes of obscure fairy tales with background chorals.
The epic Invocation to Venus sacrament anticipates a surge of impetuous drive, anticipating the mysterious story, beginning to display the spice of Eastern influences on the further development of the album. The saga of the bard about wandering is located in the pulsating symphony of the To the Sea composition, vocal phrases write out marvelous and charming passions.
A pensive A Chance to Say Goodbye romance envelops with so pacifying atmosphere, developing the symphony complements its sounding with musical tones, leaving vocal phrases in the foreground of the musical image.
The album is transformed by Voices in a Dream (Demo) magnificent symphony, rising in an epic lace of intriguing drive, complementing the sound with a certain influence of progressive elements. But dimmed vocals fascinate romantic thoughtfulness, continuing the difficult ragged progressive narration.
The dull twilight of viscous Towers of Silence (Demo) narration parades proudly on the march, shrouding vocal phrases with mysterious trends, more than before inspiring with spicy whirlwinds of oriental folklore. From time to time, the whirlwinds of impetuous drive burst into this brooding narrative.
A proud The Kingdom Within (Demo) march intertwining with epic bardic narrations and inspired phrases of female vocals completes the album, summing up vocal phrases with a fascinating melody that set off their ancient tales.