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July 05, 2023
S91 - Along the Sacred Path

Beginning with the bass guitar solo, the Constantine the Great song begins the musical narrative of the S91 - Along the Sacred Path album, hovering in the vastness of progressive musical variations and alternating vocals fragments with sparkling ascensions of guitar solos, then whirling with a whirlwind of guitar sparks in the introduction, preparing the listener for the sparkling brightness of the Saint Patrick composition, in which the vocal part is given great significance and variability. The pensive and soft Pope Gregory I ballad in a muffled and peaceful musical background fascinates with unshakable calm. The bright keyboards symphony of the introduction ends in the Olaf II Haraldsson song with vocal supremacy, complementing the singing lady with background male vocals, then the female phrases end with male squeals and a variety of vocal parts with male recitative. The final touch in this musical artwork is carried out by the unity of the singing lady with the chorales of her comrades-in-arms.
The keyboards passages of the introduction prepare for the announcement of Godfrey of Bouillon intentions, announcing their importance and significance for the development of mankind, then complementing the sound of the musical image with the melodies of female vocals, anticipating the title and meaning of the next Joan of Arc song, in which soft musical accompaniment creates a melodic charm around the vocal part of the singing lady. But then the guitar solo soars in a whirlwind of drive, accompanying the upcoming vocal ascension and returning again from time to time to bright guitar variations.
The unhurried introduction gives an intriguing expectation, embodied in the pensive sound of the Martin Luther saddened ballad, bringing an alarming progressiveness to the artistic transformations of sound, followed by the mystery of the gloomy musical covers of the John Williams composition, again and again bringing a variety of variations and unexpected transformations to its sound, anticipating the end of the album with the Dietrich Bonhoeffer long epic saga, beginning with a majestic symphony.