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Exile does not lead to understanding

June 27, 2020
The Wizar'd - Subterranean Exile

The title track begins the The Wizar'd - Subterranean Exile album with an epic mystery of guitar solo, captivating the world of medieval mysticism and mysterious omens. The pulsating march of a mid-tempo musical procession is crowned with inspirational reflections of vocals, combined with a musical saga in the embodiment of an ancient legend. The guitar solo of the instrumental part mesmerizes with melody and appeals to some acceleration of the tempo.
The pulsating Wizard's Revenge musical march intertwines with a meaningful vocal narrative in a brooding tale, captivating with the enchanting guitar solos of instrumental bridges. The rhythmic march of the Master Of The Night main motive captures by driving its beats and crowning a restrained drive with an epic narration of the vocal part.
The Ecstatic Visions Held Within The Monastic Tower acoustic guitar solo captivates with a mysterious instrumental suite. The Long Live The Dead song develops acoustic motifs into the sound of an electric guitar, enveloping it with vocal reflections - emotional chants in the foreground and a thoughtful sing-along against a musical background.
Embodying the main motive already in the introduction Evil In My Heart further brings to the fore the vocal narrative, complementing it with the charm of the instrumental part. The Dark Forces completes the album with the painful thoughts of a saddened ballad, diversifying the vocal part with female vocals.