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Examination of the mind troubles

May 04, 2024
MoodMan - Psychosis

The soft chiming of strings in the Schizophrenia sound together with the narration of the sage opens the MoodMan - Psychosis album's book, continuing with the melodic charm of vocals reveries, intertwining with musical variations in the enchanting dance of the Depression song, creating a sparkling lace of sparkling charm of an enchanting fairy tale, then introducing harsh shades of fierce drive with the anger of growling and shrieking vocals, keeping, however, the bright thread and sharpened blade of the leitmotif.
The acoustic chime of bardic ballad strings enters the musical path of the Phobia composition, combining shades of epic saga with a furious whirlwind of powerful drive, combining furious power and enchanting melody in a single musical image, anticipating the fascinating mysticism that rolls out the musical canvas of the Panica twilight tale, bringing shades and reflections of folklore motifs in a gloomy gothic atmosphere. The vocal part is complemented by the inspired dreaminess of the singing lady's chants.
The Delirium instrumental intro weaves a lace of sparkling music, creating intriguing artistic enchantments, setting the mood and anticipation for further musical entities, continuing with the assertive and powerful sound of the Paranoia epic saga, weaving together screaming and growling vocals in the Delusion single story and weaving their alternation and unity with colorful covers of battle songs and valiant memories, sometimes adding a touch of romance with the singing lady's chants in the vocal part. The final part of the composition mesmerizes with the epic charm of an unforgettable fairy tale, continuing in the melodic sound of the Obsession song, ending the album with an enchanting ballad with symphonic tones and notes of restrained severity.