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Evolutions are always not as bloody as revolutions

January 29, 2019
Disturbed - Evolution (Deluxe Edition)

Weaving industrial motifs with inspired traditional rock Are You Ready begins the Disturbed - Evolution (Deluxe Edition) album, stimulating and pumping inspiration, accentuating the title in the chorus.
Starting with a pulsating march with a twilight tone and unclear signs of blues, No More continues the musical path, bringing emotions and experiences with a vocal phrases into vague musical doubts.
With a soft acoustic atmosphere, a calm and brooding romance A Reason to Fight begins, complementing the spellbound dance of vocals and acoustic guitar with the enchanting haze of a romantic atmosphere. While maintaining a romantic atmosphere, In Another Time complements it with industrial echoes, but in music the shades of ancient sacraments appear, returning epic fabulousness to the chorus.
Developing the style of the previous composition Stronger on Your Own gives the traditional ballad shades of futuristic echoes, weaving together ages and customs.
The acoustic ballad Hold On to Memories takes you to the expanses of charming romanticism, enveloping you with the trends of incredible calmness and enchanting impressions.
Returning to the traditional sound, the Saviour of Nothing ballad highlights vocal phrases against the background of a gloomy pulsating musical haze.
Dancing in joyful expectations, acoustic romance Watch You Burn appeals to bright feelings in memory, enveloping with seductive calm and joyful inspiration. Complementing the ballad sound with drive and power The Best Ones Lie envelops vocal phrases full of significance and militancy with a whirlwind of mysterious musical motifs. Acoustic ballad Already Gone brings to the album trends of thoughtful sadness, full of feelings vocal phrases.
Commending the honor and respect of the legendary stage meters, the group presents its interpretation of their creation The Sound of Silence (Live) [feat. Myles Kennedy] (Simon & Garfunkel cover) shrouded in enthusiastic views of the public.
Expanding the stylistic and genre framework of the album in the This Venom introduction penetrate the trends of Latin American folklore, then vocals like a shaman, praising ritual sacraments.
Transforming the first composition of album Are You Ready (Sam de Jong Remix) transforms music into electronic pulsations. Uninvited Guest completes the album with the thoughtfulness of an acoustic ballad. But the composition is transformed into a majestic symphony in the instrumental part, complementing the final piece with symphonic trends.