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Evolution is impossible without the mutation

November 07, 2016
Evolution is impossible without the mutation

To know - have to learn much harder! So, let's dissect to the fine details and explore NecroabortioN - The Mutation Process to do that!
Without the slightest delay and procrastination is the instrumental introduction The Mutation Process serves as the title track of the album, pulsing in it by bass solo part, pulling with stringy sticky notes of other guitars, preparing perception and consciousness to a snatch and a change of pace from the one extreme to another specific to The Scavengers' Feast.
The powerful, rhythmic bursts of War Puppet rage and anger crushes all around, swaying from side to side with their playful but deadly moves. Then, for a short time sublime guitar solo takes us beyond exciting in dreamy spaces, ceasing with rhythmic thrashing blows.
Dreams Spectator leading the story firmly and slowly, surrounded by a vortex of guitar improvisations and powerful support instrument guards.
Furious rhythmic staccato starts Veiled Strings, ongoing with dispute between the two vocalists of the dominant role in the composition, complementing each other with their shades so confines each other by the way.
Soaring on the wings of the main motif Horrid Crossbreed surrounds us with eddies of doubt and bursts of resentment rage. Slowly, but persistently and stubbornly continues to lead our minds into a state complexes and restrictions!
Fiercely attack the ranks of the resistance, explaining their harsh brutality as We Are The Plague! Rhythmically turning over the heads of deadly blades, closer to the end makes melodious speech, denounced with the mantle of exciting memorable riffs.
Viscous and sticky atmosphere Forced Involution holds in its claws, wraps and pulled into the abyss of despair and bleak chasm.
Rapid and uncontrolled rapid moves swirls around in mad vortices, bringing the next stubborn and harsh sentence, Will To Power, that was uttered by unhasty growl.
Uncontrolled anger makes no headway, sometimes falling down in the vortex of rage and irresistible impulses ta smash and destroy to Eviscerated From Life all around!
Oscura Encomienda closes the album, combining stunning sharp jerks and viscous, spanning into the swamp of despair and shifting sands doubt, parts.