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Evolution fascinates with unexpected and unpredictable changes

June 04, 2018
Exelixis - Evolution

So bewitching romance envelops thoughts with silken threads of exciting motives, then other instruments raise the main motive to a new level, the vocal introduces touching emotion when it is Escaping from the Darkness, starting the Exelixis - Evolution album with gloomy romantic passages, echoing vocal doubts.
Starting as the solemn anthem Resistance continues the majestic passages, supplementing them with inspired vocal emotions, bringing musical experiences emphasizing the significance of this bewitching ballad.
Suppressed Feelings continues the mood of the previous composition, complicating the rhythmic structure with artistic breaks, giving an incredibly progressive basis to the mysterious and changeable guitar breaks. But, then for a while rejecting the fascinating complexity, the song combines vocal meditations with a romantic guitar solo, completing these sad thoughts with a wave of dense drive that brings back the fascinating progressiveness.
Mysterious notes precede the sparkling procession of the Developing Creation main motive, which is hovering around vocal phrases with whirlwinds of mesmerizing melodism, endlessly and uniquely inspiring to listen to such musical creations. Rapid impulses in instrumental bridges are combined with dancing guitar notes, carrying away with a guitar solo in invisible adventures. But the vocals bring back romantic reflections again.
The confession of the doomed one combines the vocal duo in so incredible Desperate Monologues. The tough drive of rhythm creates dense waves that bring to the surface of perception pulsating doubts, supplementing incredibly fascinating musical whirls of A Self-Destroying Virtue song with romantic outlines of epic melodies.
The psychedelic fog of Lost in Thoughts musical passages envelops the muffled vocal reflections with such a variety of musical decisions, wrapping a dense pulsating march with meditative melodious delights. But then a wave of fast guitar solo is carried away in a rampant race, ending with a charming melody of the main motive. Instrumental extravaganza Crazy Spirit brings inspiration to the unexplored expanses in spiritualized passages, then plunges the stream of furious drive into a gloomy fog, combining light and shadow in a pulsing gloomy march - preparing for the rapid energy of the title track Evolution. But the vocal entrains the impetuous musical drive in a tempting dance, enveloping the enchanting temptations wrapped in dark doubts. In the end, the vocal part is shaded with intricate phrases of female vocals.
So thoughtful instrumental romance Living for the Better Days pacifies any adversity, soothes the mind with caring and soft waves.