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Evil fiends are inviting

June 20, 2022
HJELVIK - Welcome to Hel

The whirlwind of the guitar solo indicates the way of sounding the leitmotif of the Father War composition, which begins the musical story of the HJELVIK - Welcome to Hel album with a whirlwind of a swift snowstorm, entwined with passages of the guitar solo. The vocal part moves to the forefront of the musical image of the Thor's Hammer song, drawing the guitar riffs to follow the narrator's narrative with the support of musical associates, continuing the vocals leadership in the compositional solutions of the Helgrinda Viking saga.
Preparing for battles and battles, the The Power Ballad of Freyr battle march sings of the valor of warriors and honors the gods who provide support and bless for deeds in the coming trials. The medium-tempo Glory of Hel battle march continues this style, developing it in the rhythmic tread of the detachment marching towards the upcoming battles and completing a similar musical fragment with the bewitching sound of the 12th Spell musical fairy tale.
Musical motifs take you on an exciting journey through the expanses of the Ironwood forest, enveloping the vocal narration with sparkling musical veils. The guitar solo intro sets the path for the Kveldulv leitmotif, complemented by the harsh emotionality of the vocals phrases. The vocal part moves to the forefront of the North Tsar gloomy musical fairy tale, combining musical grandeur with vocal emotionality, anticipating the musical motifs of the Necromance final song of the album that develops this sound.