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Everything will turn into ashes and dust - new reality will arise from it

January 09, 2018
RacheEngel - Ascheregen

Obscure clouds of fog envelop the keyboard passage of the Hinter schwarzem Lichte intro, evolving into a lyrical motif, which then envelops the streams of drive. Then the solo guitar and vocals complement it by completing the introduction. After brief pause, this passage together with the vocals are combined into the birth of the RacheEngel - Ascheregen.
album in the twilight haze of romantic ballad with symphonic gothic patches.
Developing the multifaceted and versatile desires given in the Uber dunnes Eis introduction around the vocals, alternating the dreamy clean style in leisurely meditations and calm screaming, following the stream of an angry drive, sets the stage for a vocal duet of clean with from time to time turning into growling screaming vocal styles.
As if conducting a connecting link, Im Auge des Sturms outlining the prospect of changes in the title track creates a romantic vfon complementing with an energetic musical accompaniment, combining a dense rhythm with sublime keyboards.
The title composition Ascheregen sends down waves of sensual romance, enveloping the magic sound of a charming motif, then supplementing it with vocal delights in emotional, overflowing experiences, phrases Juggling in the vocal part with phrases of pure and growling Zwischen Schatten und Staub comes close to the overflowing with dreams and imaginary illusions of the chorus, in preparation for the kingdom of curved mirrors.
In the mysterious fog of cosmic spheres, in the presence of restrained words, a vortex of the Und wer weib main motive appears, circling around as soft melodic ballad, dissolving in its charming enchantment the unconscion of the surrounding world, warming the mind and heart with soft melodies.
At first, muffled echoes of unimaginable space causes unhurried reflections, sharply finishing its phrases, then a wave of illusory aspirations with a vocal duet pierces unknown spaces of Der Ferne nah, rushing on the inaccessible path that was inspired by the keyboards passage.
The Wo die Nacht uns nicht sieht introduction envelops with so majestic motive, the leading host of spirits in a proud march under the light of the stars in an unforgettable charming ballad, which somewhat pushes the pace in the instrumental part, but still remains in the abysmal illumination of the eternal lights.
Transfiguring the chime of key notes with a dense background that creates bass guitar In deinen Augen, in deinem Gesicht inspires the epic atmosphere of the ancient legend, bringing the spirit of age-old wanderings and pride of the experienced trials.
The last song of the album is worthy of being released as a single - except for the grandiose duration Wenn der Regen fallt shows so many stylistic shades, both vocal and instrumental - that their description is comparable to the description of the whole album, so it's not a single fairy tale, but their collection!