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February 16, 2022
Exek - Advertise Here

The Mains instrumental introduction of the Exek - Advertise Here album creates intriguing mysterious premonitions of further musical development, continuing with the jagged rhythmic sound of the (I'm After) Your Best Interest song, long and carefully preparing the listener for the introduction of the vocals and complementing the sound with mysterious elements and combining in the vocal part of the duo of performers.
The experimental and artistic sound of the Unseasonable Warmth composition dilutes the vocal recitative that expands the stylistic scope of this piece of music, giving stylistic nuances and alternating male and female vocals in the vocal part. The Parricide Is Painless song develops the mysterious experimental nature of the musical sound, crowning the musical image with echoes of space motifs.
The piano solo captivates the brooding romanticism of the Sen Yen For 30 Min Of Violin ballad, alternating the muted reflections of the main vocal with symphonic fragments with chorales of the singing lady, developing the motifs of the previous composition in the sound of the Beyond Currency and Id'ed songs and further embodies even more clearly the unity of symphonic musical elements, space currents and musical experiments. Instremental motifs of the Hiding A Smile track complete the album with sparkling inspiration.