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Everything started will reach its end

April 12, 2022
Bite The Bullet (GBR) - End of the Line

Music creates further ground for reflection for the Quicksand vocals, rolling out the musical canvas of the Bite The Bullet (GBR) - End of the Line album. Impatiently, unexpectedly in an artistic feria, the Over You composition raises the banners of the procession of the 1st music album. The End of the Line title track reveals new sigh of the album's point of no return.
Insurmountably and irresistibly, the Cold Wind song impoverishes the vocals and music in the Roundabout joint musical procession. The Lost for Words composition begins with a romantic mystery, then brings the vocals to the forefront of the musical image.
The search for drive and musical essence is encapsulated in the sound of the September Sun, anticipating the rhythmic hammering of the Band of Brothers musical essence.
Romantic Let It Go song sets the direction of the Camaraderie further sounds of the Base Jumping pushy musical drive paves the way for the vocals narrative, anticipating the Sunflowers and Roses final vocal mystery.