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Everything leaves its shadow

December 05, 2020
Umbra Vitae - Shadow of Life

Guitar solo of the Decadence Dissolves instrumental composition, serving as an introduction to the continuation of the Umbra Vitae - Shadow of Life album, in which the music first chases furious screaming phrases in a rapid frenzy, but then transforms to the Ethereal Emptiness mid-tempo sound. Whipping up the rage and anger into the musical sound, the Atheist Aesthetic rolls out in waves of frantic musical thriller, combining screaming and growling in a vocal duo.
Continuing the mid-tempo procession of the music in the introduction, the Mantra of Madness then accelerates in a rapid dash, but again returns to the epic tempo, complementing the musical image with oriental motives. But the composition ends with a swift drive again. The Fear is a Fossil immediately starts with a vocal part, alternating and combining screaming and growling, varying different styles of tempo and music. The Polluted Paradise combines the frantic speed of musical rushes with a mid-tempo march.
Exploding with a frantic drive, the Intimate Inferno then alternates high-speed fragments with screaming at mid-tempo viscosity with growling vocals. The final piece sounds like an epic saga, anticipating an explosion of fury and anger in the Return to Zero frenzied musical thriller that combines screaming and growling in vocals. The Blood Blossom rolls out the musical canvas of a harsh anthem, marching in a mid-tempo rhythmic march, combining screaming and growling in a vocal part. The title track Shadow of Life, keeping the style of the epic anthem, ends the album with mid-tempo artistry with echoes of medieval sagas.