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Everything is relative

March 06, 2023
Thrust (CAN) - Thrust

The assertive sound of the musical drive is then combined with the vocal part in the energetic whirlwind of the Take Off song, beginning the musical narrative of the Thrust (CAN) - Thrust album with assertive impatience introducing notes of reflection in the final part in the anticipation of the soothing reflections and soothing passages of the Hold Me Back ballad, in which the vocal phrases of the singing lady create emotional shades of the musical palette, anticipating the enchanting reflections of the guitar solo.
Combining the stylistic shades of Broadway musicals with the echoes of cabaret, the Barb E-Doll composition fascinates with the artistic implementation of the group's ideas, continuing with a fascinating lounge of the sound of the Soot and Sapphire song.
The vocals story of the singing lady comes to the forefront of the soft acoustic sound of the Hazel Eyes bard fairy tale with a soft background of acoustic musical passages, continuing the acoustic sound with the vocal part in the foreground in the romantic reflections of The World is Ours composition.
A humorous sound with humorous notes and echoes of folk motifs weaves a sparkling lace of cheerful sound of the Gotta Stop Drinkin' song, preceding fascinating reflections of the Wait and See final composition of the album with the ascension of bright inspiration in vocals phrases and reassuring artistic notes.