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Everything is lost without us

September 13, 2020
Mortuous - Among the Lost / Mors Immortalis

Harsh and tough Intro begins the Mortuous - Among the Lost / Mors Immortalis collection of rethinking and remastering of the group's earlier artworks, which contains all the milestones of her work. Then the External Deformites, while retaining the severity and rigidity, accelerates the pace and complements the musical fury with vocal rage in a musical thriller. combining a tight and harsh sound with vocals with the rapid eddies of instrumental bridges. The Eternal Return begins with the mystical mystery of a guitar solo, then rolls over with harsh waves of musical stringiness, but accelerates with the guitar solo of the instrumental part, again twisting a progressive musical lace, anticipating a leisurely dark anthem.
The pensiveness of the Obscured Animation introduction develops into a stern obstinacy of a gloomy viscousness, complemented by the romantic influence of the guitar solo of the instrumental part. After that, the album explodes with a bright and harsh Subjugation of Will musical thriller with varying tempo. The title track Among the Lost begins with a vocal roar, then accelerates in a swift whirlwind of deadly dance. Variations in tempo and vocal stylistics continue the musical narration by combining doom death and brutal death musical styles in the External Deformities composition.
Developing stylistic diversity, The Eternal Return is marching in a leisurely procession of musical reverie. But the instrumental part first accelerates the musical tempo, then again returning to leisurely crowns the music with a bright lace guitar solo. The Obscured Animation again returns to painful musical reflections. The Beyond Flesh puts the last point on the album, rolling in waves of druiva topped with vocal phrases.