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Everything is lost and missed forever

October 03, 2021
Proudz - Cuando Todo Este Perdido

Spirling flywheel of the rapid drive using solo bass guitar, the En el Destierro song rushes in an unrestrained race to the chosen goal, then the Entra Goliat composition somewhat constrains the swiftness of the musical drive, tighting its power and the fierce character of the sound. The Dejad Que Ardan song is returned to the fierce unrestrain of the musical thriller, continuing the sound of the Proudz - Cuando Todo Este Perdido album by violent vortex.
Resting loyalty to the unrestrained drive, La Fortaleza de la Soledad varies his thoughtfulness of vocal reflections. The En la Noche Mas Oscura battle march continues the musical narration by a rhythmic medium-level musical procession. Continuing such a style in the musical composition of the Somos Luces y Sombras song, varying them with the rapid drive of the verses.
In the sound of the La Bestia Que Hay en Mi and Jauria musical compositions, the sound returns to the addition of the average-tempo march by the explosions of the rapid drive, emphasizing the melodious narrowness of the album by the Elegidos para la Gloria (feat. Ruben Aragones Guerrero) intro's guitar solo, then put forward the vocal duet with the participation of the invited vocalist on the forefront of the musical image. The La Promesa song puts the final point in the album, erupting the vocal emotions whirlwind musical mysteriousness.