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Everything in the world is subject to the effect of time

May 06, 2021
Wheel (Deu) -  Preserved in Time

Leisurely twilight of music passages of the At Night They Came Upon Us composition, then giving additional mysteriousness of musical sound by vocal reflections. Special attention should be paid to the incredible artistism of the instrumental parts guitar solo. The When the Shadow Takes You Over song is continuing the musical narration of the Wheel (Deu) - Preserved in Time album by a leisurely musical story, enveloping vocal phrases by twilight passages of a sad musical essence.
Twilight solemnity of musical passages of the After All dark musical anthem complements the inspired and majestic procession of vocal narration, combining and alternating several musical tonalities. Fasciating the romantic charm of the main motive, the She Left in Silence composition weaves the vocal party and musical passengers in the fascinating dance, rolling the waves of sad romantic experiences and twilight shortness and unclear doubts.
Acoustic guitar solo in weave with violin extensions creates an atmosphere of the Aeon of Darkness intro's romantic experiences, then complemented by sensual vocal experience, sometimes tremble from overflow by emotions. Then the Vocal Party goes to the forefront of the musical image, alternating with the resumption of primary motive. The incredible depth of the solemn sadness and the heroic significance of the guitar solo develops the motives of the entry of the Hero of the Weak song, then gives some echoes of the battle march and the solemn procession. In the vocal party, the growling fragments that complement the clean vocals appears. The Daedalus majestic saga completes the album. It embodies the extension of the ancient legends about the heroic exploits and creating an epic lace from the echoes of forgotten fairy tales.