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Everything has its time

January 29, 2021
Wolves and Weapons - Time for Love (EP)

Soaring energetically with sparkling notes of guitar solo in the intro, the Lucky Man composition begins the musical narration of the Wolves and Weapons - Time for Love album with a swift whirlwind of bright rock'n'roll drive. The instrumental part precedes the sound of vocal doubt, set off by pulsating bass notes that combine vocals and music in a brooding waltz. The final part of the song combines these elements into a single musical stream.
The Pretty Nice Guy song draws you into the rhythmic procession of the mid-tempo march, accentuating the completion of the measures and raising the banners of the vocal part to the top of the musical waves. But the guitar solo of the instrumental part calls for a faster tempo, combined with an exciting melody.
Weaving the main motive with vocal experiences in an impressive chlprovod, the Make My Day track is circling in this exciting dance. Carrying away with bluesy notes of brooding ballad, the You Don't Know My Name gives vocal reflections shades of doubt and slightly darkened romance to the rhythmic pulsation of bass guitar and drums. The guitar solo of the instrumental part captivates with meaningful and memorable melody. The Broken World song ends the album sounding with a rhythmic procession of a mid-tempo march, emphasizing the confidence of the vocal narration with musical sound.