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Everything good comes only in dreams

June 04, 2021
Last Days Of April, 2021 -  Even The Good Days Are Bad

Pensive musical variations intrigue before the ascension of the melodic charm of the main motive, starting the musical narration of the Last Days Of April - Even The Good Days Are Bad album with charm the musical story of the title composition. The Run Run Run song performs the vocal part to the forefront of the musical image, complementing the vocal experiences with a soft chime of guitar notes.
Tough, painful and thoughtfully the Had Enough composition is rolling a musical canvas rolls for meditative procession for the worried vocals experiences of so regretful ballad. Again the vocals part goes to the dominant role in the sound of the Turbulence song, braided with symphonic charm of keypad on a musical background.
It is impossible and impatiently guitar riffs bring the driving on the sound of the Alone composition, then combined with vocal experiences in a single musical stream. The Hopeless track sounds like an artistic variations of vocals experiences, complementing these emotions with soft guitar passages.
Rebellious musical variations are combined with the Anything inspired freedom and vocals phrases, creating an atmosphere of hope and inspiration. The Downer song completes the album the most prolonged composition combining in its sound many genres and gossy into romantic lace of musical charm.