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Everything changes - when you look from another point of view

June 03, 2016
Godslave - Welcome to the Green Zone

Billboard with animator at the entrance informs Godslave - Welcome to the Green Zone!
Spit begins fast, sharp and rushing forward start of almost-title track Green Zone, further sound infuriating interrupted from time to time by a drumbreaks and vocal phrases. The guitar solo just dilutes the impetuosity of rage, but very briefly. Thinking voice completes song.
Bloodbound Pack attacking anyone who stand on their way - the rushes occurs in a clear and sharp rhythm that complemented furious yells of harsh vocals.
Lures the victim into the arena riff makes it clear - So Let It Burn! The narrative is at a medium pace, sharply accelerated in the instrumental bridges.
Rhythm insistently forges, like a hammer on an anvil or a jealous husband at the door of own house. That just Because We Can! Vocals became harder - harsh sounds like growl, anvil and door subjected more violent and vicious blows! Argh!
Welcome in the party, pal! - calls someone! You Idolized by him ...or something wrong? Dance rhythm jumping from side to side, following a choppy vocals - they don't need a nurse!
Persistent, tenacious, viscous riff appeals to the Demon! In the story, which harsh vocals tells, growling yells scare us so - that the hair stand on end!
Mad in Germany begins with the preparation, creating the right mood for furious madness by rough guitar riffs and sharp drumbreaks. Next he reveals affliction of his mind, variating harsh vocals with growling inclusions! Run fast to madness - forever!
Starts like a preparations for My Journey, then it goes into a melodic palette, where harsh vocals sometimes gives way to clean vocal, and composition can be attributed already to another music style.
6:2.3 begins like ballad with melodical dreamy riff in intro, taking us to accelerate and intransigent guitar far-far away. And synth keybords passage ends that instrumental track.
Children of the Pit that's the masquerade and carnival, in which vocalists take turns without stopping, like a competing for every moment to use the microphone by their vocals!
The gloomy, sad and sad story End of History begins as a viscous, sticky ballad. Under assertive and intrusive guitar riffs harsh vocals narrates his tale. This interrupts the keyboard passage in which the organ lifts us to the clouds, and guitar follows its dreamy impulses. But the sharp flash of vocal fury accelerate the pace of history. But the sad tale finished by gloomy riff.