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Everything around sings only about us

April 19, 2020
Monophonics - It's Only Us

Male vocals confidently direct musical parts, leading them along a certain path, varying their tone and inspiredly using female choirs in the Chances chorus. Pensive romanticism continues the Monophonics - It's Only Us album with a leisurely ballad, in which artistic keyboard passages add grandeur, the Suffocating vocals phrases complement this atmosphere with restrained emotions.
The drum beat solo bass guitar creates an intriguing introduction sound, then the guitar brings a more confident mood and keyboard motifs precede the introduction of Last One Standing vocals, slowly reflecting in the verse and bringing emotional experiences to the top of the musical image in the chorus. >The memorable incredibly hit Tunnel VisionIt's Only Us title track of the album with a pacifying romance.
The leisurely Run For Your Life march with some shades of blues styling entwine vocal phrases combining male and female vocals in an impressive duet. Adhering to the previous style All In The Family brings to the forefront of the musical image a vocal narrative and complements musical parts with shades of the soul musical style. Completing the album in the same musical style, the music of Day By Day song envelops in thoughtfulness, alternating male and female vocals in the vocal part.