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Everything around seems colorless, like gray ashes

September 08, 2017
Eshtadur - Mother Gray

The dense, impenetrable gloomy and eerie fog envelops the streams of hopelessness, the music of Belong To Nowhere combines a deep, lingering growling, emotional screamin and tying passages that create the basis of the main motif starting Eshtadur - Mother Gray album.
In the sound of Plaguemaker fast, unrestrained drive comes to the fore, only gloomy growling calls to meditation, followed by a bright and charming instrumental solo, creating incredible melodic beauty. But again - rapid breaks, sharp vocal phrases.
Powerful blows set the impulse for rapid intro, culminating in powerful explosions and setting the pace of a sharp, fast couplet. The bridge before the Cornered At The Earth chorus changes the sound to the gloomy charm of the seductive darkness, transforming into the black charms of the melodic chorus.
The piano and the organ are weaved into the tender and melodic canvas of the entry Desolation, which appears as gloomy ballad that sings of the horrors of the wasteland, when everything around turns to dust, the emptiness suffocates with the sensation of the descent of being.
Rapid, unrestrained motives that creates crazy drive in verses with scrambling are combined in music Time Hole To Paris with melodic breaks in the breeches and a deep, dreamy and captivating chorus with vocals leading the growling to forefront of the musical image.
Viscous, gloomy motives March Of The Fallen envelops with darkness of the march of the forces of evil, rolling waves of darkness on the chosen path of violent anger, accompanying their way with muffled charming melodies.
The violent, unrestrained impetuous impulses that creates the uncompromising drive of verses in the chants of The Day After I Die turns into meditations about the past, predictions of the coming changes in the duet of screaming and growling.
The sharp, rapid introduction of Heavens To The Ground replaces with pulsating musical splashes of the vocal triumph, which subordinates other musical elements to changes in its style and mood.
The uncontrollable flow of the musical extravaganza is poured out in the music of Last Day Of The Condor with uncompromising phrases in verses, in breeches and choruses, enchanting with a leisurely melodic ritual, the magic of which does not leave anyone unattended.
Well, training, tearing the veins and fighting at the breaking point - Burning Heart), Survivor cover, brings the immortal ever-young spirit of rock 'n' roll, that song was OST of the part of the film about the fearless Rocky Balboa.