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Everything around is shrouded in so impenetrable gloomy haze

October 27, 2018
Peacemaker (USA) - Concrete And Terror

The introduction of the Big Block song adjusts the perception to the expectation of the mysterious and mysterious, complementing the cover of the Peacemaker (USA) - Concrete And Terror album. Music supports intriguing integuments.
The harsh sound and giving the shades of unrestrained rage and harsh drive Blood Lust brings elements of dense and tough rhythm and more rough vocals into the album.
The title composition Concrete & Terror continues the album first with a mysterious and mysterious narrative, shrouded in ghostly illusions, then developing its motifs in an enchanted middle tempo composition with interesting vocal performance and variations.
After the clouded and frightening mid-tempo compositions Endless Dream adds romance and charm to a spellbinding sensual ballad to the album's music.
Rejecting tenderness and romanticism Insanity Speaks hardens the sound, clearly showing the pulsating power of a dense and powerful rhythm that emits a bass drum.
Combining feelings, experiences and drive together Jane Slain endures emotions and experiences in vocal phrases with a dense and harsh background of guitar riffs and powerful support for drums.
Pulsating, like the heartbeat of an unknown demon, the Kill Love Sin drums complement changeable vocal phrases full of experiences. Very interesting - it is a pity, it does not reaches the anticipated genre for a bit.
The echoes of electronic impulses ingratiously and leisurely anticipate a wondrous melodic guitar solo, the Me Enemy vocals bring changeable progressiveness to the sound, and to the end of the composition, giving nervousness to the hardened sound.
Dense background music keeps gloomy round dance of the Social Suicide vocal phrases from striving in impetuous drive, concentrating the sound in the tight shackles of the slower part of the average tempo, shrouding vocal reflections with waves of mysterious and dark motifs.
Newscaster's speeches, children's conversations recede into the The Bomb background, pushing vocal reflections to the front, then the most driving and tough composition completes its unrestrained power, incredibly compacting and hardening the sound in the final part.